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Change to German IP address


As you know, many of the quality websites at the world wide web are hosted in Germany. This is great for everyone located in Germany, but sometimes these websites are laggy and hardly accessible outside Germany's. Our service will provide you with something precious and in the same time free. We are offering to our customers one free and reliable German IP Address which can help you to reach such laggy or blocked websites.

How to get German IP address

To obtain German IP address for free all you have to do is to access the desired website through our proxy. Navigate to the URL bar below and simply enter the website which you want to visit. By clicking the "Browse!" button you will be able to unblock and speed up the website which you have requested. Please keep in mind that by using our service you will obtain few extra bonuses like: Protection from browse-by viruses, protection of your identity, increased browse speed and more. Please if you find our service useful share it with your friends.

Feel free to browse the internet fast and anonymously with german IP web proxy to unblock websites like Youtube, Facebook, Stardoll and more!


About Webproxies

A web proxy passes along http protocol requests like any other proxy server. However, the web proxy accepts target URLs within a user's browser window, processes the request, and then displays the contents of the requested URL immediately back within the user's browser.
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